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Best Long Lasting Lipstick – Set Them TO Last Longer

Best Long Lasting Lipstick

Best long lasting lipstick to wear the painted lips under the mask without leaving a trace.

It is more convenient to use matte, permanent or long-lasting lipsticks. They do not stain, and they endure what is throwing at them.


  • There are a lot of long-lasting lipsticks. More and more firms incorporate them into their news.
  • However, some tricks help us lengthen the color more. We propose three:
  • Pull profiler. Before applying the bar, you should draw your lips’ outline with a pencil of the same shade of lipstick and then fill them in.
  • Pass a tissue over the lips (without squeezing) to remove the excess product. Then apply a second coat of lipstick.
  • Add a touch of powders. Many makeup artists apply a thin layer of translucent powder to the lips for extra support.
  • In this way, moisture is absorbed, mattifies, and the result is more relaxed and more durable.

Choose the Best Long-Lasting Lipstick

1.Clarins Jolie Rouge Lipstick:

  • The legendary Jolie Rouge lipsticks are enriching with organic Salicornia extract and mango oil.
  • Which provide long-lasting hydration, softness and comfort. Its creamy texture leaves intense color on the lips and a beautiful satin finish.

2. NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick:

  • If you like colors with a lot of pigment and want a long-lasting matte finish, this should be your choice.
  • We love the giant pencil format of this lipstick. It glides on effortlessly and leaves lips soft and hydrated as well as makeup.

3. Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick by Yves Saint Laurent:

  • Haute couture reaches the lips with this mythical lipstick in ten colours.
  • Red, fuchsia and orange are our favorites. They are comfortable and take care of the lips thanks to their texture rich in active ingredients and new pigments.

4.Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême Lipstick:

  • Few reds beat this one from Chanel. He has us in love! It is elegant, sophisticated and has a matte finish and a second-skin effect.
  • It is irresistible, resistant and protects the lips from external aggressions thanks to a unique antioxidant complex.

5. Kiko Milano Magical Holiday Vinyl Lipstick:

  • It smells of passion fruit and is one of the few long-lasting alternatives that adds extreme shine.
  • Its texture is soft, its applicator with a sponge is super practical, and, also offers intense and luminous coverage with a single application.

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