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Hair Dye for Dark Hair – 4 Dyes To Give Your Dark Hair a Makeover

Hair Dye for Dark Hair

When it comes to changing your look and looking much more beautiful and sophisticated, hair dye for dark hair is an excellent option.

With just a couple of steps, it is possible to change the style and renew our image.

However, most of these products contain chemical ingredients that can seriously damage the hair strands.

4 Dyes To Give Your Dark Hair a Makeover

We show you 4 dyes that are ideal for dark hair, and that will give your hair a boost without damaging it (so much) in the process.

You will look modern, elegant and full of style.

1.Mahogany red

  • It is the perfect contrast between reddish and dark brown, ideal for those looking for a more radical look change.
  • In addition to being sophisticated, sensual and glamorous, this color flatters any skin tone and brings radiance to the face while softening the features.
  • It also helps the skin not look too pale and gives the hair a much brighter and more vibrant look.
  • To take care of it correctly, apply color masks that prolong and intensify the tone. Don’t wash it every day, as this will prevent the dye from fading faster.


  • If you want to change your image without risking your hair or modifying it completely, this color is just what you are looking for.
  • Thanks to its peculiar combination of copper, brown and gold tones, this dye is perfect for adding luminosity to the face and giving it a tanned touch that you will love.
  • To maintain the tone for months, use a special shampoo for dyed hair and apply a toning mask twice a week so that you will get an intense colour for longer.


  • The balayage is ideal for women who want to change their style slightly. This technique stands out for having a reddish base and lighter reflections in a mahogany tone.
  • Thanks to this combination, it brings warmth and luminosity to your hair while giving it depth due to its incredible three-dimensional effect.
  • Perfect if you are looking for a makeover that is sophisticated and super feminine.

4.Medium brown

  • This stain boasts a mahogany base and understated amber babylights. Its sophisticated and beautiful color illuminates the face. Softens the features, and improves your hair’s appearance.
  • As if that were not enough, it also hides damaged or dry hair. Gives the impression of having much fuller hair and adds shine.
  • Its main benefit is that it prepares not to require as much maintenance.
  • To converse the tone for months and keep your hair looking spectacular. You only need to use a special shampoo for coloured hair and avoid excessive heat tools.

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