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Space Force Logo – Reveals New Logo, and More

Space Force Logo

The US Space Force logo suspiciously similar to Star Trek. The USSF logo shows an arrowhead surrounded by an orbit, a design too much like Star Trek.

US Space Force reveals a new logo.

  • The United States Space Force Has Not Taken The Smoothest Takeoff Is WHAT IT COMES TO WITH GRAPHIC DESIGN.
  • His logo primer WAS mercilessly teased for resembling Star Trek’s, THEN Netflix’s Space Force Show snatched the Trademark Rights Right Under His Nose.
  • The US Space Force Has Revealed A New Logo, But Judging By The Answer Online, YOUR Problems ARE Far From Over.
  • The new logo WAS revealed yesterday on Twitter, along with a new tagline: “Semper supra” (Which MEANS ‘always up’).
  • The new logo features a triangular delta, adorned with various space-related details (more on those below).
  • But One Of The Top Qualities Of Our Best Logos Is That They Cannot Be Confused With Anything Else, And Twitter Users Believe The New US [Space Force Logo] Looks Very, Very Familiar.
  • Like the agency’s first logo (which the agency is calling a ‘stamp’, by the way), many are seeing this new symbol as a Star Trek scam – only more – so this time.
  • The triangular shape containing a star is very reminiscent of the fictional Fleet symbol (below).
  • With the Netflix brand rights disaster and this new round of online roasting, it seems like the US design team Space Force can’t take a break.

More About Space Force logo

  • The [Space Force] already has its official logo. And it is strikingly similar to that of the Federation of United Planets from Star Trek.
  • Sponsored by the Trump administration, the US has created a new division in its Armed Forces, destined for space.
  • Thus, they seek to dominate the land, the sea, and the air and everything outside Earth.
  • Little by little, details about the USSF are becoming known. First, it was the camouflage uniform which is based on the forest camouflage ones. Because you never know where in space you will find a forest.
  • They surprise again by showing the logo with an undoubtedly reminiscent design. Of the one worn by the Star Trek star fleet.

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Review Space Force Logo – Reveals New Logo, and More.

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