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Does iPhone 7 Have Headphone Jack – Goodbye Audio Jack, Benefits, and More

Does iPhone 7 Have Headphone Jack

Does the iPhone 7 have a headphone jack: It is undoubtedly the most significant novelty of the iPhone 7, and it is not compatible with conventional headphones.

The decision to remove this connector from the phone has not left anyone indifferent.

Apple claims that it decided to remove the connector as an act of courage and gamble for the future. But what is behind the decision to remove the audio jack?

Goodbye audio jack, hello benefits

  • The first consequence of eliminating the audio connector is the increase in profits that the decision will entail for Apple.
  • Suppose the company has shown anything over time. In that case, it is that it does not like the compatibility between products.
  • That it has never integrated a universal USB connector in the iPhone is proof of that.
  • Following this line of action, Apple presented the Airpods. The Airpods are Apple’s Bluetooth headphones for the new iPhone 7.
  • The price of these headphones is around € 170 and does not include the purchase of the phone. The only way to connect headphones to an iPhone 7 is via Bluetooth or using an adapter.
  • The problem with the adapter is that the phone cannot be charged while it is being used, it is somewhat cumbersome, and its use blocks the USB connection.

The hit of the IPhone7

  • The economic reason is not the only reason behind the decision to remove the audio jack, nor is it probably the most important.
  • After several very similar iPhone models, many accused Apple of having lost its capacity for innovation.
  • Removing the audio jack and throwing in a Bluetooth headset is a simple answer and a significant change for the iPhone 7.
  • The reality is that both Bluetooth technology and wireless headphones have been around for a long time.
  • However, no manufacturer has so far dared to force users to use Bluetooth headphones, a risky decision that Apple can afford.

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Review Does iPhone 7 Have Headphone Jack – Goodbye Audio Jack, Benefits, and More.

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