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How to make Promotional Clips for 2024

Promotional Clips for 2024

Video marketing is a new social media marketing strategy that allows you to sell your brand. Leading promotional clips help you connect with your viewers and build a loyal customer base. In addition, excellent promotional clips can attract viewers to purchase products and services.

However, if you’ve never used a promotional video to promote your brand, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Promotional video marketing does not have to be expensive and does not require specialized know-how.

Here are some tips for creating promotional clips:

What is a promotional clip?

Promotional clips draw attention to your business by focusing on your brand, specific product, service, or offer. Promotional clips are very attractive and give you a chance to show your customers how your brand can make their lives easier. They help attract potential customers and turn their opinions into sales.

The promotional video is specially designed to promote offers such as products, services, and limited-time discounts. In other words, promotional clips focus on the company’s most important products to attract customers. Online clip makers and video editors are useful in making the process easier and faster. Promotional clips Help You:

  • Respond to Potential Customers
  • Briefly describe your product/service
  • Convert leads to customers Increase branding and presence in the market

Tips to create a successful promotional clip

1. Your video should be directed and tuned to your target audience.

Analyze what the objective of creating a promotional clip is. The goal is to increase sales, enhance brand awareness, or increase traffic. You may want to combine all the information into one video to get the most out of your audience.

2. Determine the right video type for your audience

You can make an Introductory Video – Introduce your brand and service through promotional clips and upload them to your website’s landing page

  • Description clips – Let your video viewers know about your product or service
  • Customer Feedback Video – Builds your loyalty based on customer feedback from existing customers.
  • Post appropriate and SEO enriched Content

The script may create or destroy a promotional clip. The video must meet the needs and interests of the viewer. Video tones are important to convey the right message about your brand. Scripts can be talkative, eccentric, informative, or formal.

The script must also match the tone. Practice the content in advance and speak without looking at the script. This will make the video look more honest.

3. The right duration of the promotional clip

The video should be the length needed for compelling dynamics. The length of the promotional clip depends on several factors. Uploading a video to a social media platform improves the performance of a short video, but publishing it to a website works fine with a long video. The shorter a promotional clip is, the better, so it attracts the attention of the audience.

4. Use all available tools

Promotional clips need to be attractive and spice up with all the tools you have at your disposal, such as audio-video text elements. Create promotional clips with the highest quality video clips.

In addition, you can use animated videos to make promotional clips and get the viewer’s attention. Help your audience to connect with you personally and with your brand by talking to them live or simply showing your face in the videos.

5. The right audio

It helps take the video to the next level. The clear, high-quality sound leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Your narration must be top-notch. If you’re creating conversational or interview-based videos, adding music in the background will make your promotional clips more appealing.

6. Add the right text 

This is also an important element for selling videos. Many people watch videos silently. Many people may not be fluent in the language of your video. They will rely on subtitles to help them understand your video, otherwise, they will pass. The promo video should contain subtitles or text summarizing the spoken content.

7. Create a compelling storyboard

It is important to visually outline the video. The storyboard contains thumbnails and scenes to include in the video. Each important section of the video should have an annotated thumbnail to explain its impact. Storyboards help you shoot and edit it productively and select the right graphics and animations for your promotional clips.

8. Answer important questions

You may want to share everything about your offerings, product lines, companies, teams, and more. You may want to answer all the reasons, methods, and content. It gets the viewer’s attention and you should make the most of it. Not so many. Videos can convey a lot of information at once, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of adding too much.

Promotional Clip– Step-by-step procedure

Step 1: Identify the recipient and a single message

Identify that one single thing that you want your target audience to remember about your business and your products and make your promotional clip based on. Specify goals and make them as narrow as possible.

Step 2: Choose a direction

Think about the cast, the script, scenes, props, and people you need to make your promo clip and define the direction of your promotional clip leaving no room for anomalies, stiff phrases, or unnatural voices.

Step 3: Write a video script

Video scripts define everything a viewer hears in a promotional clip, including screen talks and narration. Ideally, a promotional clip script enriches what the viewer sees on the screen and vice versa.

Step 4 – Make a promotional clip for your brand

Make sure the promo clip idea is appropriate and you don’t sound too dramatic. Use the right equipment and work on appropriate software to create, edit, public, and circulate your promo clips.

Step 5 – Consider the right background music, audio, and tone. You can choose from:

  • Conversational promo clips: A casual tone that is not very promotional.
  • Formal: Clear and straightforward
  • Humor: Including the use of humor, it may contain creative elements to make the viewer laugh.
  • Whimsical: Add unexpected elements to make your video stand out.
  • Urgent: Primarily used to instill the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in the viewer, to get the viewer to take action.

Step 6: Edit the promotional clip

Edit your scenes and clips and make your promo clips short, dynamic, and engaging. Use a professional clipmaker to crop the clips to get the viewer’s attention. Your video clips must match the narration. You need to make sure you are happy with all the transitions between the scenes and the speed at which the video messages move.

Step 7: Enhance with text and graphic elements

With powerful video editing software, you can keep your viewers busy and enrich your video with eye-catching elements like titles and subtitles, logo, color overlays, call-to-action, the pace of the video, fonts, and colors, etc.

Step 8 – Conclude

End it with a clear and simple call to action. When you’re ready for your first draft, edit your video script to remove any anomalies or general statements that might apply to your competitor’s products or services. Improve the design to emphasize what is the best possible solution.


Promotional clips are a great way to grow your brand, and most brands use them. You can follow the step-by-step process above to create a promotional clip. Start by identifying your goals and then decide on the type of video that you want to create.

You must ensure that your promotional clips work towards meeting your specific business goals. These videos are imperative to enhance your brand awareness and convert maximum viewers into potential leads and finally into sales.

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