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Famoid vs. Likes.io – The Best Way to Get Real Instagram Followers

Famoid vs. Likes.io

An Instagram influencer’s entire journey is extremely frustrating, but the beginning is on another level. The beginning is always difficult for every small Instagrammer. Getting Instagram followers, in the beginning, is never a piece of cake.

Sometimes, you will get no followers even after producing high effort and super content. And it’s all because of competition because Instagram is the second-most used social media platform after Facebook.

You can purchase real and active Instagram followers. But from where? Which one should you choose, Famoid or Likes.io? Now, let’s take a look and find out how it’s done.


Famoid is one of those Instagram followers providers who have been working in this field as a company when very few people were interested in buying Instagram followers. Because back in 2016, Instagram was not that famous, which it is now. And then, many people were not aware that they could also become famous Instagram influencers by buying Instagram followers from a legit provider.

You can’t trust everyone while purchasing Instagram followers because who knows whether they are selling real and active followers or not. But the case of Famoid is truly the opposite, and you can trust this platform anyway.

Not because we recommend this, but because everyone recommends Famoid for buying Instagram followers. But how can you believe us?

The answer is simple: Famoid has provided millions of Instagram followers to many influencers for more than 5 years. If you are still not impressed with Famoid, you must search on Google about Famoid. But what?

You have to search for the reviews of people (who have bought followers from Famoid). And boom! You will have thousands of reviews on many different reviewing websites and platforms about Famoid, which tells the truth. So, you don’t have to trust anyone (not even us), but you can trust your eye. Hence, witness it with your eyes and then make any decision.

And then after tons of available followers and happy customers of Famoid, you should also know about its customer service whether it is reasonably good or not. Right?

Customer service and support of Famoid is also one of the best. It is one of those few Instagram followers provider companies that pay attention to customer service.


Likes.io is one of the best options in the market when talking about getting more followers at less price. Are you one of those Instagrammers who are low on their budget and want a real, authentic, and quite a good amount of Instagram followers? If so, you will get quite a few companies available for you, and unsurprisingly, Likes.io is one of them.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about working on this amazing Instagram followers provider and how it will provide you with your desired followers. First, you will contact them and tell them how many and which type of followers you want. The type of followers is related to the content your followers should love to watch. In other words, you will specify your content.

Now, Likes.io’s job will start, and they will work in your favor. And instead of providing you with fake followers who will just follow you and will not watch your content in the future, Likes.io will direct the interested audience towards your Instagram ID.

That is how you will get that audience (paid followers) interested in your content in reality. This will work like an advertisement where you will only get that audience interested in your services. But unlike an advertisement, you will get your desired amount of followers at your selected rates. So, you will get everything according to your requirements at the end of the day.

Conclusion (Which one is Best)

As you have read, both service providers are brilliant in their services and provide real followers, so it isn’t easy to choose one. But as our job is to do that, we have done some extra research and found a result that you want.

Famoid is better than Likes.io not because Likes.io is bad at its services but because Famiod is better with its services. For example, Famoid always believes in providing real active and real followers as slowly as possible because that is how Instagram’s algorithm will not detect it. And probably that’s where Likes.io lacks.

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