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Nokia 2720 – Simple Styles, Retro, and More

Nokia 2720

The Nokia 2720 Flip may seem a bit dated, but it was announced in 2019! It is equipped with modern features like 4G.

And an app store where you can find apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. It’s a remake of the 2720 Flip from 2009 and a Nokia nod to today’s modern new foldable phones.

Simple but not stupid

  • The 2720 Flip is a simple but therefore reliable phone. It’s a remake of the classic flip phone of yesteryear with big buttons and a folding mechanism to satisfy hanging phone calls when folding it.
  • And no matter how old-fashioned this all sounds, its modern features make it current.
  • For example, you can quickly surf the web on the go with 4G, use WhatsApp, and give voice commands using Google Assistant.

Retro but also for the elderly

So the Nokia 2720 Flip is a foldable phone that consists of two parts: a screen and a number pad.

The latter consists only of numbers. You can enter text by pressing a number multiple times or through T9, which allows you to “guess” words by pressing a number only once per letter.

There is no touch screen. The screen measures a diagonal of 2.8 inches which today is considered ‘small’.

When folded, there is also a display on the outside for the weather and notifications. The buttons and text are nice and big.

It allows the 2720 Flip to serve as a phone for seniors because it is friendly and straightforward without extensive menus and unnecessary functions.

There is even a special button on the side to send a message, ideal for emergencies.

Main name full specifications:

  • Old and familiar hinge mechanism design
  • The 2.8-inch color screen inside, 1.3-inch outside
  • 4G internet on the go
  • The 2-megapixel camera on the back with flash
  • Running applications thanks to the KaiOS operating system
  • Dual SIM, so space for two nano-SIM cards
  • Memory card slot for up to 32GB of extra memory
  • Unique emergency key on the side with call list and emergency message watch this movie article : dilwale picture hindi

No battery stress

  • Despite its simple appearance, the Nokia 2720 Flip is a complete smartphone. That’s because it works with the KaiOS operating system.
  • Which is also suitable for apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. None of this hurts your battery life. It is big and outdated.
  • Nokia itself quotes a 28-day duration, but it’s not going to get that in real life. Still, several days should be doable.
  • Ideal for those who sometimes forget to put their mobile phone on the charger overnight.

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