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Dark Mode Facebook – Force Dark Mode, Facebook Lite App, and More

Dark Mode Facebook

But to remedy this, we can activate the dark mode Facebook. This results in a higher battery consumption and a greater wear and tear on our eyesight.

Activate it natively on Facebook

Facebook has been waiting, but finally, this dark mode is already launched out of its beta. This dark mode is not a night mode.

But the background turns a very dark gray, as you can see. So it is not oriented so much to save battery, but to make the use of the social network more comfortable.

The steps for its activation are:

  • Open Facebook on your Android phone.
  • Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper right.
  • Scroll down to Settings and privacy.
  • Enter Dark Mode.
  • Tap On or system.

By having it activated, we can see how the background of the social network acquires those above dark gray tone:

  • The new dark mode in the social network is convenient to use and allows a smooth reading of the publications.
  • It can be an excellent option to use if you want to avoid using that solid white background that the social network uses regularly.

Force dark mode

Without the updated Facebook app, it is possible to force this dark mode externally, specifically from the settings.

This forced reverses the colors of all apps, but it is an excellent alternative to have that dark mode.

The only requirement is that the terminal must have Android 10 as the operating system:

  • Activate Developer Options
  • Once activated, we access the menu to find the option to “Force dark mode.”
  • Activate the button, and the colors will immediately be inverted.
  • Use the Facebook Lite app

The company launched a more limited version of functionalities, seeking a more extraordinary lightness in its size:

  • And more fluidity since Facebook has been frequently criticized for the large data load that mobiles must perform in the standard version.
  • But in addition to these advantages, it has a function that its older sister does not have so far, which is the dark mode.
  • For some time now, it has had the option natively, a very striking detail since it is available for the Lite version but not in the traditional version, although it is expected to arrive soon.
  • Accessing the settings section, with three horizontal lines, the option to activate the dark mode appears clairvoyantly.

Try a Facebook client

  • Facebook and Facebook Lite are not the only ways to enjoy the social network. As in others, some third-party clients also manage Facebook feeds.
  • With some of their functionalities. Among them is to activate the dark mode. A good alternative is Frost, an app that we find outside the Play Store.
  • We must download it from the F-Droid website, which already has version 2.4.5 of Frost. Once installed.
  • We access the section of «Settings», → »Appearance», → »Theme». From that menu, we can choose the dark or AMOLED modes.

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