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A New Take on Running Shoes

Running can be therapeutic and fun if you have the passion for it but that drive and enthusiasm will quickly die out when you end up with injuries and pain after every run.

As an athlete or someone who loves running as a hobby, having the right running shoes is the foundation for success and good performance. While running, your shoes act as your trusty sidekick supporting you along the way and preventing dangerous objects around from hurting you.

But getting the right pair of running shoes can be daunting as you walk from store to store not knowing where to start. As you prepare to walk into the next AU ASICS store for a pair of shoes, here are some pointers that might help in picking the right shoes.

Your Environment/ Activity

Are you going to be runny on a rocky path or pavements? This would determine the type of running shoe to buy. Getting the right shoes based on purpose and terrain will prevent easy wear and tear and unnecessary injury.

When running or walking on rocky terrain, having a pair of trail running shoes will be your best bet. The design of trail shoes makes them the best fit for uneven environments. For running on the treadmill or road, road running shoes are the way to go. If you are looking for shoes to serve you in the gym or while cross-training, then you would want cross-training shoes. You can find a variety of running shoes in ASICS stores in AU. which carry quite a variety of shoes.

Take Pronation into Account

Pronation refers to how your feet roll when you walk or run. There are three types of pronation and they are neutral or normal pronation, overpronation, and underpronation.

For underpronation or supination, most of the pressure is on the smaller toes, and the lack of inward rolling means that most of the shock when contact is made with the ground, is transferred to the lower leg.

For overpronation, there is an excessive inward rolling of the feet and this transfers weight to the inner part of the leg. A neutral pronator has an even distribution of body weight as there is no excessive inward rolling or lack of it.

Choosing running shoes based on your pronation can help prevent injuries like shin splints, ankle sprain, and bunions heel spurs in the case of over or under pronators.

What if you don’t know your type of pronation? A gait analysis can remain conducted for you at any ASICS store in Australia or you can have it done at a health center.

Check the Fit

While this may sound like something every shopper should know, you would remain surprised at how many people leave the store only to regret their buy as it is found to remain tight and uncomfortable.

Do you wonder why your running shoes would remain a great fit when you try them on at the store only for them to become tighter as you run? It means that those shoes remain not the correct fit for you. Comfort is important when it comes to running shoes and that’s why you should shop at the end of the day when your feet are a bit swollen from all the walking around. This will enable you to buy your exact size.

If you would prefer shopping at the start of the day, you can always get a pair of shoes that is bigger than your normal size by half as it would give your feet some space when it begins to swell during the day. You can have your feet measured at any Australian ASICS store before you begin shopping if you don’t have an accurate idea of your shoe size.

What Else Can I do?

Always remember not to leave the store until you have taken the shoes for a test run. It’s easy to buy a shoe based on beauty alone or love how it looks when you are sitting down, but it is always a good idea to walk around with it or give it a test on the in-store treadmill.

If you enjoy wearing socks with running shoes, don’t forget to take your favorite pair along as you try the shoes.

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