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Eyebrow Tinting – Does It Last, Is It Safe, and More

Eyebrow Tinting

On the other hand, Eyebrow tinting can give modest brows a fresh and daring look that lasts for several weeks.

Not only that, it is a relatively low-risk, low-cost salon procedure that reduces the need for daily makeup.

What is eyebrow tint?

  • Black eyebrows are in! Sure, you could stack your grooming routine with all kinds of cosmetic brow helpers like pencil, powder, and gel. But these steps take a lot of time and effort.
  • If your natural brows are light-coloured or thinning, you’ve most likely wondered how to make them pop.
  • Or maybe you have a lovely new hair colour on top, but your brows are still showing telltale greys.
  • Or perhaps you love your current brows but want to cut back on your makeup and grooming time in the mornings.

How long does it last?

Several factors can affect precisely the time that can pass between brow tinting treatments.

The consensus among experts is that brow tinting will last between three and eight weeks. Factors that influence the duration of colouring include:

  • the type of dye
  • how hard you rub your face
  • what kind of makeup remover or facial cleanser you use
  • Sun exposure
  • Use of sunscreen
    how fast hair grows and falls out.

In general, expect your tint to last for a month between touch-ups.

Eyebrow tinting procedure

  • Sarah Elizabeth, a licensed esthetician and makeup artist who routinely tints her brows.
  • Begins by having new clients fill out a medical and contraindication form to make sure brow tinting is a safe treatment for them.
  • Next, you can expect your technician to discuss what shade and type of tint will work best for your colouring and goals.
  • Elizabeth uses a vegetable dye and recommends choosing a few shades darker than her hair colour to add some depth to the face rather than being too “matching” and looking one-dimensional.
  • Select a base tint colour and add an accent colour to add depth and dimension to the brow.
  • Elizabeth also completes a patch test in a hard-to-see place (like behind the ears) on new clients to make sure they don’t have a bad reaction to the dye.
  • It is an essential step with any beauty treatment so close to the eyes.

Once it’s time to move on, the technician should walk you through something similar to the following steps:

  • cleaning the area with a pH stabilizing rinse
  • brushing the hair from the eyebrows and tracing the desired shape
  • applying a barrier cream (such as petroleum jelly) around the eyebrows to prevent blemishes on the skin
  • using the tint from the beginning of the brow to the end, in a thick application

How long the tint is left on your brow depends on the tone and coarseness of your hair:

  • It’s less time for people with blonde hair and longer for those with thicker, darker eyebrows.
  • If you use a plant-based dye, you’ll need to let it sit for “two to five minutes, depending on how rich you’re trying to achieve,” says Lauren Van Liew.
  • A licensed esthetician and spa director. “The longer the colour remains, the deeper the colour will appear.”
  • If you opt for a henna-based dye, you may need to let it sit for about two hours.
  • When the tint is done working, your technician will likely use a cool, damp cloth to gently clean the area and remove any excess colour and barrier cream from the site, says Van Liew.

Is it safe?

  • Most people who try brow tint do not experience any harmful side effects, Van Liew notes.
  • That said, any treatment or product used near the eyes carries some inherent risks. Any foreign-made colourant that may contain coal tar is not considered safe.
  • The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Trusted Source does not currently approve any colour additives for the brow tinting.
  • Some states, including California, have made it illegal for hair salons to offer brow tint at this time.
  • If you live in a state where brow tinting is allowed, you can help protect your eyes by ensuring that your esthetician uses a henna-based or vegetable tint.

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