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How to Use DSLR As A Webcam? – Camera Software, Party

DSLR As A Webcam

How to use DSLR As a Webcam? Even today, it isn’t easy to find good quality webcams, especially if you want to stream at 1080p.

Luckily, if you have a DSLR or mirrorless digital camera, there are ways to use them as a webcam on your PC.

With your digital camera as a webcam, what do you need to do it?

New mirrorless and DSLR cameras can output the image directly via HDMI in a clean way (that is, no overlap on the screen).

I will stretch you the best results. You will find essential additional hardware to do it. Let’s see what it takes.

If you mean to use your digital camera as a webcam, you will find it essential at slightest a tripod keep it fixed in the location you want.

You resolve, too, need some way to power the camera since you could have autonomy problems with its battery.

Anyhow, you will also need a USB or HDMI cable (depending on the connector of your camera, it could also be micro USB, mini HDMI, etc.)

You were utilizing well as a capturer, which can be hardware or software. Of course, you should not forget about a microphone if you want the audio to be captured as well. Let’s see it.

1. Use your camera software:

  • It would benefit if you verified that your digital camera is well-matched with the clean HDMI output that we have stated before through the same software.
  • Here is the best way to do this is to consult the manual and any included software. However, you can also find software downloads for the specific camera model you have on the manufacturer’s website.
  • E.g., Canon offers the “EOS Webcam Utility” software that allows the brand’s cameras with interchangeable lenses (EOS ILC).
  • Then PowerShot compact cameras to be used as a webcam natively on Windows 10 64-bit operating systems.
  • After you have downloaded and installed the essential software and drivers, your PC should already detect the camera as just another imaging device.
  • It means that programs like Open Broadcaster Software or XSplit Broadcaster will see it as if it were a webcam, and you container use it as such.

2. Use third party software:

  • However, if your camera is compatible but does not have its software or does not work as it should.
  • You container use a third-party application to turn your DSLR or compact mirrorless camera into a webcam.
  • E.g., you have Sparkocam that works with many Nikon and Canon cameras, though it is a paid request, as we have mentioned before.
  • Contempt what this software promises. You must be aware that many users complain about its performance.
  • Approximately report too much latency in recordings, and others say they cannot remove the watermark from the software.
  • Here are separate versions of this application for Canon and Nikon, supporting both and focusing on the other functions (editing).
  • A single-user license for the system of your choice costs $ 50, $ 70 if you want to use the version compatible with both brands.
  • It is difficult to recommend this software. Still, it is the only alternative for some people to use their digital camera as a webcam. Meanwhile, there are not many other choices obtainable.

3. digital camera as a webcam through an adapter1:

  • In a slight case, if you want to use your digital camera as a webcam regularly and obtain good results.
  • The best method is to purchase a capture device and an adapter to capture the camera’s HDMI output.
  • The technique uses the raw, uncompressed camera video stream and converts it to a USB webcam stream.
  • Here quality is unbeatable, but you will need to invest some money in hardware.
  • As we indicated at the beginning, you need to make sure that your camera is compatible with the video output through HDMI.
  • Then you will need an adapter for the corresponding connector of your camera.
  • Formerly you will need a capture device such as Elgato’s Cam Link 4K or a capturer that supports HDMI input (almost all do).
  • With your camera having an HDMI or mini HDMI output, you are already halfway there, but before you start buying a capturer,

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