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6 Digital Marketing Strategies For a Small Business

Digital Marketing Strategies

Small business owners know that digital marketing is non-negotiable. It is no longer a second priority to traditional print marketing and advertising. According to data, 95% of small businesses plan to increase their spending on digital marketing. But it is crucial to understand this type of marketing and keep up with the trends to get the best results.

Digital marketing is about any marketing effort that uses digital channels to reach potential clients. It may include mobile messaging, email marketing, social media engagement, SEO, blogger outreach service and display advertising. SEO companies like Online marketing gurus digital marketing agency can help with this extensive undertaking.

1, Your business website

No matter how active you are on social media, it is not a replacement for an official business website. Your website is considered the home of your business online. It is the place where you are totally in control of your message. Design a simple and user-friendly website. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy, but it needs to be mobile-friendly to maximise site visits.

2, SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of attracting website traffic via organic search results on search engines. SEO has many factors to consider, such as using the right keywords, social media presence, and link building. It is highly complex, and for this reason, only 44% of businesses currently invest in it. But with platforms like online marketing gurus digital marketing agency you can improve your SEO to potentially put you ahead of the competition.

3, Local search engine optimisation

Most searches are being conducted on mobile devices in the present time. A majority of these searches are done while users are active outdoors. Users will be looking for businesses near them. Therefore, Google search results favour websites that cater to local searches by incorporating local information and local related keywords.

Besides optimising your website for local searches, it is critical to claim your business location on local search directories such as Google My Business. Make sure that you list your name, address, and phone number. The information provided and spelling must be consistent on all local search directories. If your information varies from one listing to another, search engines may not recognize it as the same business, and it can impact your rankings.

4, Email marketing

Nearly seven out of 10 businesses utilise email marketing, making it the third most popular digital marketing strategy. Most users now access their email on mobile devices. Therefore, when you develop your email marketing campaign, you must factor in mobile-first. Make sure that your email is short and includes a clear CTA. The design must be a single column format and uses generous white space. This makes it effortless to click on buttons and links in the email.

5, Social media campaign

The number one marketing channel utilised by businesses is social media. Nearly 83% of companies use it. There is a good reason for this since 77% of users in the US alone use social media. You must make sure that you are up-to-date on your social media channels. You must know which social media platforms your target customers are spending their time on.

6, Content marketing

This strategy refers to creating and posting content such as blogs, e-books, videos, and many others. It is shared digitally. The goal of content marketing is to attract users to view your content and take action. For example, you might be writing a blog post on: Making your house ready for the winter and saving money. You can include a CTA such as call us to get a free consultation on winterising your home.

There are massive benefits to be gained for small businesses that apply digital marketing as part of their strategy to boost business. Users are constantly online and looking for premium products and services. Digital channels are the best way to reach out to this potential audience with tremendous spending power.

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