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Google Logo – Six Logos, Favicon, and More

Google Logo

Ever since the Google logo, the search giant, was hardly a university project, its identity and character have been reflected in its logos.

The truth is that the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has always been characterized by its great innovation, its accelerated growth.

1.G is for Google

  • Thus, as such, Google happens to be one of the many brands that make up the Alphabet family.
  • And with the appointment of its [new CEO: Sundar Pichai] (http://hipertextual.com/2015/08/sundar-pichai- CEO-google).
  • Then, a lot of news and new strategies loomed from the vast Mountain View, like the logo change this past September 1 .

2.17 years and six logos

  • Let us then review the evolution of the logo in these 17 years. And first of all, that Backrub logo.
  • When Page and Brin started their school project in 1996, they became a tremendous company, and it is today.
  • The same Sergey Brin made the following logo in the GIMP program, yes.
  • The famous free image editor and free image editing program is part of the GNU project.
  • The Backrub team is quite a curiosity, especially given the current size of the company.

3.Logo in 1998

  • Also made by Sergey Brin at GIMP, the Google logo used the Baskerville Bold font.
  • This design was used from September to October 1998. From the first logo.
  • We can notice that the combination of the three primary colors and green.
  • A secondary color is used, only that the famous blue “G” is still green in this version.

4.Logo in 1998-1999

  • Here we note the combination known to this day. Of course, in this 1999 version.
  • The logo wore an exclamation point, much like Yahoo! This logo was used from October 1998 to May 1999.

5.Logo 1999-2010

  • Without a doubt, the Google logo that has most represented the company.
  • It is a piece made by the designer [** Ruth Kedar **] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruth_Kedar).
  • We can see that the design is based on the ** Catull ** font with serif features.
  • Which would not * shake * until September 1, in the current logo.

6.Logo 2010-2013

In this design, the shadow in the letters that compose it disappears, in addition to changing.

The saturation of the yellow of the second “O”, which looked purer as a primary color.

7.2013-2015 Logo

  • All texture in the letters was eliminated, and a flat or flat design was made, a feature that characterizes structures in recent years.

8.Logo 2015

  • Thus, we arrive at the beautiful current design that eliminated its serifs and is a font of the company. Many details were refined, as well as its colors.


  • With the evolution of Google logos, the favicons that appear in browser tabs have also been redesigned. Here is its development.

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Review Google Logo – Six Logos, Favicon, and More.

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