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What is Death Stranding About? – A Message to Modern Society

What is Death Stranding About

What is Death Stranding about: the video game that emerged” as a reaction to Trump and Brexit.”

About Death Stranding

  • Sam Porter Bridges is scared. Deadly acid rain is falling from the clouds, and you need to find shelter. Without its packages, America cannot be saved.
  • However, Norman Reedus, the American actor who plays Daryl Dixon in the popular series. The Walking Dead, is also Sam, the video game protagonist.
  • And also, Sam has a future full of twists. Your job in the game is to deliver messages and connect to the world.
  • Cooperation is the central theme of Death Stranding, the latest work by acclaimed Japanese video game designer Hideo Kojima.
  • “Individualism is what defines this era,” Kojima told the BBC Newsbeat radio show from his studio in Tokyo.
  • “Perhaps we are connected to the Internet more than ever, but what happens now is that people attack each other precisely because we are so connected.
  • ” Continued the creator of the popular Metal Gear Solid saga from the Konami company.

How Good is this Game?

  • After giving me a copy of the video game, I explored it for 40 hours—a very different experience from what I had with other games.
  • And it was mainly because it is difficult to classify. Mix travel, adventure and role-playing games.
  • It has moments of great drama that keep you tense, and being enveloping by that shared online environment can be rewarding.
  • But the mechanics of the game deliver messages across uneven terrain, especially given the size and scale of the map.
  • It can be repetitive and frustrating for players who want or are used to games with more action.
  • It is an experience that pays off for patience and investment.

A Message to Modern Society

  • Members of the Newsbeat team accompanied Kojima for three days in his production studio.
  • To see the final hours of creating Death Stranding, which was finally releasing this Friday, November 8.
  • Inside the studio, more than 100 employees verified that everything in the game was working as it should within days of launch.
  • Being there allowing us to get a unique glimpse into a title with the gaming community rubbing their hands since it was first announced in 2016.
  • Something that became clear to us is the message that s or creator wants that the game puts forward to modern society.

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