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An Overview of the Rarest and Most Valuable Australian Stamps


As valuable Australian stamps in APF (Federation of Australian Philately), we receive submissions from many places.

The valuable Australian stamps demand specialized knowledge and knowledge about the current seals market. The situation of useful Australian stamps is damage, torn, dirty, empty and less sold.

Recall that the masque and other magazines labels can sometimes be more useful than the stamps in which they are.

What is Valuable Australian Stamps?

The easiest way to assess the collection is to determine a stammer dealer. The Association of Philatelic Dealers of Australia (APTA). Also, world members agree to meet an ethics code which will give a realistic idea of what your collection is worth. A list of distributors can be found at website.

An estimate valuable australian stamps of the market worth differs from an exhaustive assessment for insurance purposes. Considerable distributors give you a free market assessment of your stamps. but you can obtain a price for a critical insurance assessment.

It is also important to recognize that the collection of stamps goes far beyond logos, and other factors can influence the value of a symbol. This index involves individual valuable australian stamps  on the cover (envelopes). A seal worth a few cents worth the catalogue can be worth covering due to the slaughter.

Also, the postal set, the target or the route. Occasionally the metal itself can be much more helpful than the seal. Only remove stamps from the envelope if you know what you are accomplishing.

How Do I Know if My Stamps are Valuable?

Its popularity may have decreased since the 40s and 60s when almost half of the young people. Also, had a kind of grouping, but the growth of Internet sales media has led to many rare symbols in recent years.

While this is excellent news for valuable australian stamps collectors. However, websites such as eBay present a spot for non -collectors. who may have inherited a collection (or ordered a powder in the loft!). Also, this manual has gathered to help newbie’s without the philatelic ability to assess stamps so you can choose the most suitable procedure for your collection.

Research of valuable australian stamps deals by a Google search or similar very severely. The vast preponderance of basic stamps is standard without a real deal, which is doubtful to be found in an internet search.

Instead, you can find errors or short variants that correspond to inexperienced eyes. These can give the incorrect feeling that the stamps are valuable, while only the logo is valuable with a blunder, a rare shadow or other subtle differences.

Which Australian Stamps Are Valuable?

Factors such as perforations, tones and flaws only sometimes appear in simplified valuable australian stamps and can make a significant disparity in value but require thorough understanding to interpret.

The catalogue value does not equal to the market value, and it is misleading to assume that the price in the catalogue is the price that a dealer or another buyer can offer you.

Due to the limited demand and a great offer, they can be questioning to sell at any price. A brand of 100 US dollars can be survivable, but 700 stamps for $ 6.00 each.

If you are natural, even though a record gives you an idea of importance and organizes your assemblage, a need evaluation of a dealer or someone who understands the current market is.

The situation of a stamp is critical in times of its value and grouping. Factors such as tears, dents, stains, lack of perforations, edges cut into imperial symbols, and weighty standards can fast reduce the value of a rare stamp. Serious collectors are typically not interesting in a logo in imperfect condition.

How do I Find Out How Much My Australian Stamps Are Worth?

Stamps can be sold in different ways:

  • Stamp
  • Specialized Stamp Auction Houses
  • eBay
  • Fairs and stamps
  • About valuable australian stamps (usually only if you are a member)

For multiple people (who may need more knowledge or time), the numerous timely option is to sell to a dealership. but other methods those who have terms and a movement to track them. The swift the sale is, the less you can desire to realize. There is an economic commitment between the consolation of selling a considerable number. Also, of valuable australian stamps to a dealership and taking the time to organize, recognize and break a supply for sale.

Incredibly rare and earlier stamps of countries where postal deliveries are rarely known as “masterpieces” and dated since 1980 or before. In most circumstances, they are one of the unique valuable australian stamps of this clear country and can have a more elevated price.

Valuable Australian Stamps 1980s

Although this approach is helpful, we strongly urge receiving a professional evaluation from a philatelist professional with years of knowledge and experience. Only then should I decide what to do with a seal or a collection that has penetrated the force.

In Warwick & Warwick, we are members of the Philately Traders Society of London and the American Stamp Dresser Association from New York. We look forward to delivering complimentary reviews from fast (and precise) valuable australian stamps.

The investment and big sales are made in regional stamp gangs and services. Many organizations offer an “Exchange Book” method. Also, where members can place their stamps in material books that circulate for sale through membership. Authorization clubs can also mark small auctions in club evenings.


For the valuable Australian stamps, due to the advanced development of record. Also, deficiencies and the additional attempts to repair these errors. separately KGV variety seal has an individual evaluation. Collectors are explicitly looking for valuable australian stamps of postal brands. Also, with data because the data can be utilised to track the evolution of plating errors.

As a consequence, some KGV symbols used can have a more increased value than measures of coins. Collecting medium combinations makes more feeling than ordering posts.

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