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World Tile Buffers Ark

Much of world tile buffers ark, we can configure Survival Evolved through the in-game options menu.

To access this menu, you can click the Options button on the main menu or press ESC while in-game and select the Options button.

Configuration: World Tile Buffers

Description: In World Tile Buffers, the amount of graphics memory used to render areas we cannot find on the map.

Areas, textures and models are buffered for faster loading when transitioning between areas (tiles) of the map; increased may result in better loading times between tiles

Options: low, medium, high, epic

How to make Ark Survival Evolved run better on PC?

World Tile Buffers Ark

Graphical Configuration Of World Tile Buffers Ark

This setting has a significant impact on the quality of the graphics.

Also, we recommend you use the same resolution as your monitor for best performance.

Other resolutions may cause blurry textures.

This facility helps with:

  • Best FPS
  • Improved game quality

How to apply this configuration?

Go to options (press ESC in-game).

In GRAPHICS, look for the RESOLUTION option and change it to the recommended one

Window Mode Of World Tile Buffers Ark

Full-screen mode provides the most efficient lag-free gaming experience, while windowed mode causes lag issues on specific systems.

It helps with:

  • Best FPS
  • Improved viewing experience

How to apply this configuration?

Go to options (press ESC during the game)

Under GRAPHICS, find WINDOW MODE and change it to FULL SCREEN

Steam Launch Options For Ark Survival Evolved

World Tile Buffers Ark

To use the Steam launch settings in Ark Survival Evolved, you can use the leading Steam launch options guide, or you can use the shortened version below:

  1. Go to your Steam game library and select Ark Survival Evolved.
  2. Right-click on the game and select some properties.
  3. On the General tab, click: Set startup options.

Build the best PC for ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer survival game developed by Studio Wildcard in collaboration with Instinct Games, Effect Studios and Virtual Basement.

In the game, players wake up on an island full of dinosaurs and must do whatever it takes to survive, including eating, avoiding overheating, and more.

This guide takes a closer look at ARK’s graphical settings and their impact on gameplay.

We’ll also give you a good idea of ​​what kind of PC hardware you’ll need to run ARK to your satisfaction.

If you want to know what to buy without in-depth analysis, you can skip the recommendations section.

See the Graphics Settings section if you already have a PC but want to know what settings to use to get the best performance.


Survival Evolved depends on Unreal Engine 4, one of the most widely used engines in the gaming industry.

The game is quite demanding, especially on the GPU.

While it doesn’t look great, it can make GPU temperatures relatively high, mainly because it’s not particularly well optimized.

It’s not that demanding on the CPU front.

Ark Performance Charts

At Logical Increments, we recommend PC builds in “tiers,” with each tier containing the most potent, reliable, and cost-effective combination of parts for that price point.

We don’t list individual pieces in this guide as they often change based on local prices and new releases.

You can see the latest one-off options for each level on the guide’s main page, which is updated regularly.

Open in a new tab to compare: Logical Increments PC Parts Guide.

You can also see a comparison between GPUs on our graphics card comparison page.

High Settings

Compared to other modern PC games, ARK is a highly demanding game due to inefficient optimization.

The following performance metrics depends on playing the game in high settings

Epic Establishment

ARK’s epic build is incredibly challenging.

Even incredibly powerful gaming PCs have trouble running ARK on epic settings, so try the epic settings at your own risk!

A Note About Frame Rate (FPS)

Frames per second (FPS) measures the number of frames your computer can produce per second.

Higher frame rates mean your screen displays more frames per second, which means you’ll see smoother animations.

Lower frame rates make a game appear to stutter, which is usually unpleasant for the gamer.

Higher Resolution For Better Gameplay

The resolution gives the approximate number of pixels on a screen.

High resolution means to have more pixels and generally more space and detail, while low resolution means fewer pixels and often less space.

The resolution is likely to be below if you’re using a typical (non-high-end) laptop or an older screen.

When comparing the screens with a similar aspect ratio, it’s always better to get a higher resolution screen.

A higher resolution always looks better because you have more space and a sharper image.

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