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5 Ways Social Media Contributes to Business Growth

Social media has a massive impact on business growth. While we know all of its influence is not always good, no business can argue against the effectiveness and speed with which social media contributes to its growth.

Even if yours is a small startup, like a marketing agency Detroit or a full-scale business or simply an online store, there’s nothing as vital as social media for the success of your business marketing strategy. You can even check the plethora of recent surveys that suggest more than seventy percent of consumers recommend a brand they have had a good experience with.

They do so by posting stellar reviews of brands and their favorite products and encouraging their family and friends to purchase from a business. There cannot be a simple yet truer example of the power of social media than this.

Social media platforms play a crucial role in connecting with consumers and increasing sales and leads through improved brand awareness. Since social media has reached the mark of five billion users worldwide, businesses can easily see why it’s one of the fastest ways of reaching half the world’s population.

Below is a look at the top five ways social media contributes to business growth.

1. Larger Outreach

Ninety percent of the marketers vow that their business has benefitted from increased exposure due to their social marketing efforts. Another large percentage of marketers also testifies that social media platforms have helped increase traffic for their business.

If there’s one glaringly obvious impact of social media on businesses, it is the massive outreach it gives businesses and a larger audience. Some top practices businesses swear by for increasing their audience through social media.

These include:

  • Creating engaging and visual content regularly. Businesses use social media platforms for publishing qualitative, informative, and relevant content. Social media has also been helping businesses involve their audience, ask them questions, host events, and even take polls.
  • Businesses are using social media platforms for forging connections. They use the many social media tools to create a voice and a face for their brand. The only key is to adopt a friendly, welcoming, and consistent tone for their business.
  • Many companies also recommend targeting the right audience, understanding their behaviors and patterns, and using social media platforms to boost business.

2. Humanizes a Business

Social media has made human connections possible more than ever before. Businesses can now create real human connections with their customers, and customers too can experience meaningful relationship moments with their favorite brands.

Social media has helped introduce customers to the people who make up their favorite brands. Similarly, it allows businesses to see how customers use and benefit from their products and services.

Social media is the place where it all gets real. Do you know the benefit of this? Humanizing a brand helps make it feel authentic to customers. Authenticity helps build the trust of the customers. Trust helps make marketing campaigns more receptive, which drives sales and business growth.

3. Makes Marketing Inexpensive and Affordable

What is the most critical tool for a business to gain awareness and grow? Marketing of course!

But marketing campaigns were once very expensive, and most small-scale businesses could not gain much recognition because of the lack of budget. Hence, they had to make do without many marketing approaches and work within a small capacity. Not anymore though!

With social media, businesses of all sizes are jumping onto the media marketing bandwagon and making a positive impact. Social media has made targeted advertising possible for every business and thus, effectively creates brand awareness for them.

Social media marketing campaigns help generate more views, produce more shares, and drive publicity for business, and it’s all a one-time cost.

4. SEO Enhancement

Cognitive SEO discovered concrete evidence that social media engagement and rankings of organic search engines have a link. This set of evidence came forth after they analyzed approximately twenty-three social media posts.

The number of comments, shares, and likes indicates that various search engines, including Google, do evaluate search rankings. Do you know what this means? This means that businesses with more social media engagement increase a brand’s mention multiple times.

It also leads to increased direct visits to a business’s website. This is one of the most critical determinants of SEO.

5. Makes Brands Appear as Thought Leaders

The growing digitalization landscape makes people look to brands for information and insight. But where can they get all that instantly, at the tips of their fingers? On social media channels, of course!

Social media has proved that regardless of the industry type and niche, it offers everyone the opportunity of presenting their business as a thought leader. Thought leaders are the go-to authorities when consumers want information on topics, products, and services relating to a niche.

Take the example of LinkedIn. It is one of the biggest networks on social media that aims to establish thought leadership. The fact is that visitors will only become loyal customers after you convince them of your business expertise, knowledge, and insight into your niche.

what is a content creator?

A content creator is someone who creates entertaining or educational material to be expressed through any medium or channel.

When they can see your work on social media platforms, your production processes, and the solutions you have to offer, they start believing in you. The level of knowledge you exhibit through qualitative content convinces them that you are an experienced expert in the field.

And this is how they start purchasing more from your brand!

Final Thoughts

Ever since social media has spread, it has contributed generously in transforming the entire business landscape. Today, social media is one of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing, providing more scope and incredible benefits to businesses.

Let’s also not forget the massive outreach social media allows businesses of every size to reach millions of customers worldwide inexpensively.

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