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Two Types of CBD Oil For Dogs – Hemp and CBD

CBD Oil For Dogs

As you may or may not know, there are various health benefits of using CBD oils and various formats for our wellbeing, click here for this information. From helping with sleep and anxiety to various beauty benefits for the face and body, most of us have tried and tested this natural plant extract to find it helpful in a variety of ways but internal and external.

But did you know there are also many benefits to our four-legged companions dogs?

Hemp oil mainly comes in two varieties, hemp CBD oils and pure hemp seed oils. Both varieties have just as many advantages to our health as well as our pet’swellbeing.

When looking for the best ones, the organic and natural variants are the best to go for.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

For the most part, hemp oil for dogs is very similar to that of human consumption. Created through an extraction process that separates the various components from the hemp plant itself, this natural derivative depends on the various parts of the plant it has remain extracted from.

For instance, the CBD 9cannabidiol) is taken from the stalks of the hemp plant as well as its flowers and is used to manufacture CBD hemp oils. In comparison, the pure hemp seed oil is taken from the seeds of the plant.

When it’s time for your pooch to take it, similarly to the human formats, this can be ingested or applied directly to the pet’s fur or body.

Let us look at a few different types of hemp oils that you can use for your dog.

Hemp Seed Oil

When research was done on the seeds of the plant, scientists found various beneficial properties included in them. They tested them to find vitamins, minerals, proteins fibre and omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids inside the seeds. It is no doubt that these are all good for you.

The 3 omegas, for example, which remain also found in seafood such as types of freshwater fish. Olive oil and garlic are essential for brain health it also helps to reduce any inflammation inside of the body and remain vital for the nerve cells as well. Other food sources that have them include dairy, eggs, all meats, and certain vegetables.

To process the oil, it remain harvested by a method of cold-pressing and when extracted it has a clear green colour. Some of the bottles you find on the store shelves remain refined till they become clear and have no colour. In terms of how it tastes, it has a flavour resembling nuts and can remain used to add to various types of foods and drinks.

For dogs, you can add the drops into their wet or dry food, or directly add it onto their tongue or drinking water. You can also add it directly to their skin if it is dry or they have any skin conditions.

However, follow the directions on the manufacturers packaging just to be on the safer side. It can help soothe most skin conditions and acts as a moisture barrier for them to aid in avoiding itching and scratching themselves.

CBD Oil for Your Furry Friend

CBD Oil for Your Furry Friend

The other type of oil you could use is CBD oil, which is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid oil. This type of format remain extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant.  When you are looking for a milder version of CBD oil for dogs.

This is the perfect solution, as it has no THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is the component that can get you high. If you give them a product that has THC in it, your dog may not be able to stand. Walk or eat properly and they will feel dizzy and sometimes sick to their stomach. To avoid this, make sure you check the list of ingredients and the THC content value.

Although legally, for humans it is fine to consume hemp oils with not more than 0.3%. As our systems may be more able to handle it. But pets can be sensitive to it. So, you should avoid it completely.

Many pet owners use this variation as a nutritional supplement for their pets to help improve their overall wellbeing. And to treat mild conditions such as anxiety, skin conditions, overactive pets, as an appetite stimulant and many more.

Not many vets agree with giving animals this plant extract however some holistic vets do recommend it. Ask yours for advice, perhaps they can recommend a good brand.

Unlike the hemp seed oil mentioned above, this should not remain taken directly and should always remain diluted with some carrier oils such as Avocado oil or Olive oil or plain water. It can however remain used on the skin. Many owners have treated their dog’s arthritis, seizures, pain, inflammation, and anxiety using this oil.

Several studies that have remain done on using CBD for canines that suffered from seizures and arthritis. Used a dose of between 2 to 8 mg per kilogram. The best is to start them off on a lower dose for a few weeks and observe for any changes in their eating habits or behaviour.

As it has become legal to purchase and consume. It is, however, unregulated which means you may have to be careful when introducing it to them. And always follow the dosage instructions as laid out on the bottles.

It is good to note that the best of the products should remain bought only from an organic store. As they have a tendency of absorbing toxins from the soil environments and can have heavy metals in them when not grown organically.

If you are unsure of which of the two above mentioned oils to use for them. Try a bit of both initially and over a few weeks to see any changes in them. However, only use minimal doses.

It is also a good idea to do some personal homework on each and read pet owner testimonials of those who have tried and tested it. There is no better way to research than to find forums and websites that have reviews from first-hand experience consumers.

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