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Best Nail Polish – The 6 Best Nail Polishes

Best Nail Polish

Just because we are women from time to time, we have to allow ourselves to buy ourselves the whim best nail polish.

Expensive nail polish is equal to beautiful nails that we can wear every day.

Also, low-cost products threaten your nails’ health, so it is better to have healthy nails with few colors than many poor-quality nail polishes.

The 6 Best Nail Polishes

1.Enamels Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

  • The brand of unique cosmetics for your fingernails or toenails, for women who are not lovers of vibrant colours.
  • Within its range are the colors: beige, timeless fuchsia, tuxedo black and Majorelle blue.
  • This company claims that its products last for a long time when applied to a manicure.
  • And that all of its colors have a unique shine that resembles micromirrors.
  • To guarantee the health of your nails, this type of polish is enriched with hip oil.
  • In case you didn’t know, this oil will give your nails a beautiful consistency because it will harden them after you have removed the polish
  • On the other hand, they are quick-drying enamels so you can paint your nails without worrying about how long you have to dry completely.
  • Their price ranges between 22 and 32 dollars, sometimes on Amazon, they are on sale.

2.Dior brand enamels

  • These are the luxurious enamels belonging to the exclusive line of Christian Dior.
  • These offer enamels of timeless colors where the tones stand out: pink, brown and reddish.
  • Even though their enamels have been on the market for more than 50 years, they are little known to most women worldwide.
  • They are made up of natural origin ingredients that allow them to provide excellent, long-lasting shine to your nails.
  • Its new soft bristle brush with a rounded tip applies the perfect amount of polish to the nail, giving a uniform brushstroke and an ideal thickness.
  • It is a special enamel for those girls who are not very skilled with enamel.
  • Its price is lower than the previous one, and it ranges between 17 and 33 dollars. The truth is that it is worth having at least one in your drawer.

3.Dolce & Gabbana nail polish

  • These polishes, like clothes, are full of elegance since they give a sophisticated look to the nails that go beyond the colors it has.
  • All its shades are full of natural elements that protect and fortify our nails.
  • They are created to preserve the health of the nails and keep them long for a long time.
  • Its price is currently around $ 28 per unit, and it is worth the benefits it brings.

4.Armani brand enamels

  • The Giorgio Armani polish line has a range of innovative nail polishes thanks to its fluid gel texture.
  • These enamels are created with a texture that changes during the application, which takes on a crystalline gel consistency and solidifies entirely once it is dry.
  • The tone that I recommend from this brand is nude, completely elegant and feminine.
  • And the best thing is that these tones are in fashion for this year. On Amazon, these enamels are priced at $ 26.

5.Givenchy nail polishes

  • From the Givenchy brand, we recommend its new Le Vernis line.
  • All the shades of this brand follow a classic and elegant tone. Among its most used colours are carmine or fuchsia, red, black and brown.
  • They are enamels that provide an intense shine to the nail, so adding a polish layer on top of the enamel will not be necessary.
  • The Givenchy nail polish containers are presented with a double metal cap and the Givenchy symbol engraved in black in the box’s centre.
  • The Givenchy nail polish lasts for a long time and costs around $ 50.

6.Revlon perfumed nail polishes

  • Revlon was known for its beautiful hair dyes and now for its incredible high-quality enamels.
  • His recent collection of Scented Nail Enamel leaves anyone sighing, especially since
    they are incorporated in some fragrances.
  • This brand’s colours are striking and summery style, although it also pleases the most elegant customers with beautiful nude tones.
  • Each striking color has its fruity fragrance, including watermelon, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, grapes, and more.
  • The aroma is perceived once you open the container and is pronounced as the enamel dries.
  • The best thing about this enamel is its price of around $ 11, a quality acquisition at the lowest price.

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