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How to Add Volume to Hair? – Haircut, Volumizing Shampoo, and More

How to Add Volume to Hair

How to add volume to hair now? If your hair has always been in less quantity, then there is no specific treatment.

Only some techniques and products help improve hair volume.

How to blow-dry your hair to add volume?

With the hairs still damp, apply a volumizing finisher or lather. Separate the strands and start a brush with the tension movement upwards.

Hold the meeting firmly by the root and pull it upwards, always drying. The idea is to dry in the opposite direction to the hairs’ birth to give movement.

The dryer should be on low speed and warm so as not to stimulate frizz. The procedure can be repeated a few times to add shine with the brush strokes.


  • A good cut is essential to improve hair volume. The very long length is not indicated as it will make the hair look even thinner.
  • Usually the cuts that give more volume are those above the shoulder. If you cut the base straight, be sure to repeat the ends. The effect helps to tighten the hair and adds movement.

Volumizing shampoo

We always look on the shelves for various products indicated for hair without volume, but can a simple shampoo make a difference?

  • Shampoo and conditioner can help. The advice is to pay attention to the formulas: those rich in keratin and panthenol will leave hair fuller.
  • And don’t discount the conditioner. All hair needs conditioning to detangle and close the cuticles.

Other products

  • Spray, gel, mousse, leave-in, serum: each of them will give a different result. Suppose you have low-density hair and want to provide it with a volume that looks like you have long hair.
  • Regardless of whether the hair will be wavy or straight, a good option is foams and finishers in the form of foam.
  • The mousse is allied with curls that ask for volume in the measure. Apply a sufficient amount for the length of your hair along its length and.
  • With your own hands, knead from the bottom up, pressing the strands tightly at the root.
  • The best thing is that it can be used on dry hair (when you want to leave a wet look) or damp hair (to ensure a better hold). If you prefer, finish with a diffuser.

Texturizing powders

  • The powdered texturizer (also called powdered salve) can be an ally to add volume, shape hair or even disguise the dreaded greasiness.
  • To gain more importance, apply the texturizer powder directly to the root and tap it with your fingers.
  • Never use your hand first and then take it to the sources: it makes you lose the product.
  • And the result is not the same after applying the finisher powder, looping your fingers through the strands and gently lifting them.
  • When the greasiness starts to appear, the powdered texturizer can help you with this too.
  • Apply the product directly on the oily part and tap lightly with your fingers. One of the advantages of using the powdered ointment for this purpose is that it will not weigh the strands.

Using Bobes

  • Depending on the hair, just lifting the root does not give the desired volume.
  • So the next step is to secure some padlocks with coils. With a large diameter and proportional to the length of the cables.
  • Separate three broad strands, one on each side of the head and one on top. Wrap the fitting from tip to root, then secure with a clamp.
  • It is imperative to add volume and firmness. Let it rest for a while and when removing the curlers, comb the curls with your fingertips.

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