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Devil’s Play Achievement Inscription

The Devil’s Play Achievement Inscription latest self-defeating, dizzying declaration of love for video games comes from the creators of Pony Island and The Hex.

The inscription is an inky card-based odyssey that blends deck-building roguelikes, escape room-style puzzles, and psychological horror into one blood-soaked shake.

Even darker are the mysteries inscribed on the cards.

In Inscription you can:

Acquire a deck of forest creatures through recruitment, surgery, and self-mutilation.

Unravel the secrets that lurk behind the walls of Leshy’s cabin

Embark on an unexpected and deeply disturbing odyssey

An easy to follow guide on how to get Dark Offering Devil’s Game and Collective Effort. This guide contains spoilers!

Dark Offering

To get the Dark Offering, you need to get other both halves of the broken opal.

Both can be purchased for Foil in the lower right slot from the Grimora Merchant.

After you have both cards, place them in the same orientation as the previous one in a battle, and you will get the Ancient Obal. If you fail in a fight, use the training dummy on the tower’s second floor.

After you have the Ancient Obal, go down the stairs in Grimora’s Crypt and interact with the coffin in the corner.

You can then get the Bone Lord’s Horn and Femur.

Play The Devil

First, create a deck that includes these cards

Alongside another Conduit card, no matter which one you choose

After that, you can fill the rest of your deck with anything, but extras on your cards, skeletons or moxes are all excellent options.

Once you’re in combat, there’s no need to worry as none of the enemies attacks.

Skip your turn until you have all the cards you need, and then discard them in that order

Collective Effort For Devil’s Play Achievement Inscription

Since you already have Dark Offering and Devil’s Play, this part is straightforward!

All you have to do is wait on the dock, and a tentacle will come out of the water.

Interact with the tentacle and then go to the tower.

There is a room to the right on the top floor of the tower. Enter this room and wait for a while again.

A tentacle jumps out of the tub.

Interact with this tentacle, and it will come down and come back up with a card.

We can find any other cards you want in card packs.

If you’re not sure which cards you’re missing, there’s a book in the dealer’s room on the ground floor of the tower where you can see all your up cards.

How do I get the Devil’s Play Achievement Inscription?

These achievements can be in the second act.

You must deal more than 666 damage in combat to get this achievement.

We can only do this in the Wizard’s Tower on the second floor during the fight with the Scarecrow.

Since we are not attacking in this fight, you’ll have time to find the cards you need to do it.

But still, you need to spend enough time in the “clicker simulator”)) The deck that contributes to this is already assembling.

First, you need to download the backup files from Google Drive and place them in the \SaveFile.gwsave folder.

Copy the SaveFile.gwsave file and the SaveFile-Backup.gwsave file with replacement (if you need it, don’t forget to save these two files from your tour beforehand).

If you don’t know, you can look for finding the game save files. They are in the game folder.

The easiest way to find them is in the Steam Library, right-click on the game -> Manage -> Browse Local Files.

You must copy the saved files to this folder.

How to get the Collective Effort achievement?

After completing the Fel Game achievement, this achievement is easier to get (since you have enough coins).

There are 733 coins saved, and if you get the previous achievement, it will add about the same amount.

So, despite the randomness, you can buy the necessary cards.

All decks are almost complete except for the Druid deck (the dealer for these cards is in the upper-right corner).

In the hut of the last boss, if you go to the right), this deck is missing four cards.

It is enough for me to buy these missing ones to get the achievement.

Go to any merchant and buy everything you can see from him before getting the achievement.)

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