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Everything You Need To Restore Your Classic Car

Restore Your Classic Car

Restoring a classic car is a labor of love. It takes time and elbow grease to rebuild that rare model. You may have to search for parts. It’s likely that you’ll put more money and love into that car than you’ll ever get back, but for most people, money isn’t the point of restoring a car. Here are some things to have when you’re getting started with a restoration. Shop for Wilwood brake kits to replace older brakes that may not be safe on today’s roads.

Car Restoration Resources

Pick up a restoration manual for your car that can walk you through the process. A manual can help you decide which projects to tackle first and save you a lot of time and trouble. Join a restoration forum and talk to others about their process. Get involved so when you need help, you’re not a stranger. You’ll learn a lot from others who are going through the process, and you’ll have a resource when you get stuck.

Storage Supplies

As you take the car apart to restore each section, you’re going to have lots of little parts. Get a storage system where you can label and keep everything safe. Pick up some storage bags, a Sharpie and labels to have on hand. You can place screws or bolts in the bags to keep them together. This will save lots of time and stress. Get a good tool box to hold your tools, too. Being organized during your restoration can help you save money when you don’t have to repurchase tools and equipment.

Engine Work

If you’re planning on working on the engine and/or transmission, you’ll want an engine hoist and engine stand. The hoist will help you lift out heavy equipment, protecting your body and the equipment. An engine stand lets you work on the engine and move it around for easier access. If you have to wait for parts while you’re rebuilding, this can really help make everything a little less stressful. Get the best prices on Holley Sniper kits.

Journal and Recordkeeping

Create a record, either on paper or digitally, of your progress. First, this can help you see how much you’ve accomplished when it feels like you’re never going to finish. Maintain a log of what you’ve spent and items you’ve purchased. A car restoration can take a long time, and it’s easy to forget what parts you’ve purchased and what ones you want to find. This documentation can help you track your costs and inventory. When you have time to research, you’ll be more ready to find what you need.

Know Your Limits

A car restoration rarely goes smoothly from start to finish. Be prepared to have a setback or three. Have a plan to set the project aside to look for other solutions. Know when to call in a more experienced mechanic to do the job. Make contingencies for when you can’t get an original part. This Holley Sniper EFI Master Kit is great for muscle cars. Enjoy the process of restoring your car.

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