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Nail Polish are coatings that apply to nail plates to give a pleasant appearance and address certain nail plate conditions, such as soft, moody or fragile nails. When using Nail Polish Remover, treatment or tightening, solvents in the product evaporate quickly and leave a clean neatness on our nails.

1) Basecoats to increase enamel wear

2) Pine Filler for the nail to be soft

3) The upper layers increase the durability and brightness of the polishing.

Using Nail Polish Remover Advantages:

  • Effective
  • Low toxicity
  • Less regulated
  • Easy to conserve
  • Soluble water

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What Is Nail Polish Remover?

The Nail Polish Remover is the most common and less expensive nail remover. It usually contains 60 per cent acetone. This transparent liquid solvent is very effective in quickly removing dry nail polish from the nail surface. However, the acetone nail polish remover is hard on the skin and nails, and nails of their natural oils and waterless. With regular use, nails can be braided and susceptible to peeling and sharing.

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