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Best Lip Gloss – 6 Best Lip Glosses To Choose

Best Lip Gloss

Best Lip Gloss: Lip glosses are more versatile than you thought, so it is good to determine the occasion and the type of look to wear.

To know if you have it, it is better to choose one with a soft tone. Transparent with glitter.

Here are the best Lip Glosses

1. Best for All Skin Tones – Clarins Lip Gloss

  • Its subtle tone, pleasant texture and durability on the lip make it the perfect wedding lip gloss.
  • Especially for brides who want to look youthful, delicate and elegant on their big day. But it is also ideal for wearing on a day-to-day basis.
  • It is that touch between looking still discreet and natural but being groomed.

2. Best for any occasion – Jolly Dim Makeup

  • If you are looking to go a shade or two above the natural lip colour you already have, this nude trio will help you a lot.
  • Although matte lip gloss sounds contradictory, two of them have a flatter base tone than the third.
  • Which has a colour and glitter base: One for every occasion and all skin types.

3. The Longest Lasting – Collistar

  • There are many proposals on the market, but if we always look for something, it is a durable finish on the lip, resisting gestures and disappearing the second.
  • It not only does that, but it elegantly fades without spreading all over your face. The pink base and slight glitter give a youthful and fresh vibe.

4. Best for fair skin – L’Oréal Paris Gloss Glam Shine 6H Lip Gloss

  • Fair skin is favouring by soft pinks, which look at natural lips that are sought daily.
  • Plus, with its hint of shine, this formula also adds the illusion of fuller, fuller lips.
  • It is super comfortable due to its soft texture and can last up to 6 hours on the lip.

5. Best with Moisturizing Balm – Bourjois Transparent

  • Never confuse lip balm with gloss; the former usually is dermatological and not cosmetic and focuses on hydration.
  • This cosmetic gloss is formulating with lip balm, which leaves lips highly hydrated.
  • It includes Vitamins E and C and antioxidants; thus, it also protects the lips for up to 8 hours.

6. Best with Glitter – NYX Sheer

  • It is not the typical transparent gloss, and the added glitter gives it a little twist that allows us to highlight the lips when we feel festive for more risky looks.
  • To make an impact on New Year’s Eve and even for costumes: it goes for everything!
  • It is ideal for placing on the bare lip or after a lipstick of any colour.

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