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Hair Thinning Write For Us: According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), losing 80 to 100 hairs per day is common. More than this could mean you are yielding more than you should, which could contribute to overall thinning hair.

Unlike overall hair loss, thinning hair does not necessarily induce baldness. Nevertheless, it gives the impression of more sparse strands of hair on the dome. When cleaning your hair, utilise your fingertips to apply gentle pressure to your scalp to increase blood flow. For even more benefits, you can also try a portable scalp massager to remove dead skin cells.

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What Causes Fine Hair?

  • Over-treating your hair:This contains colour treatments, perms, and relaxers.
  • Using complex hair products:These effects contain significantly held hairsprays and gels.
  • Wearing tight hairstyles: Whether you wear an updo or tie your hair into a ponytail for practice, this can pull your hair out of the follicles, leading to thinning patches over time.
  • Nutrients in your Diet:Iron, folic acid, and other minerals help follicles naturally produce hair.
  • Experiencing chronic stress:Pressure is linked to growth in hormones like cortisol. Too many pressure hormones can trigger a condition like a telogen smell, in which hair can fall out, and hair bristles go into a long “rest” period where no new hair develops.

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