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Best Essential Oils – 7 Best Essential Oils To Choose

Best Essential Oils

Best essential oils with the rise of natural cosmetics and a more holistic look at our health and beauty, essential oils have become a must that we cannot miss at home.

In reality, they have been used for thousands of years by different cultures due to their countless benefits.

1. Art Naturals

  • One of the best and greatest popular essential oil brands is Art Naturals. Their oils are of the purest of qualities.
  • And they choose plants to extract their essences in the most conscious way possible.
  • Also, its variety of products is infinite. You can find essential oils and beauty products already made with them.
  • Accessories such as diffusers and essential blends in specific topics such as meditation or falling asleep.
  • Best of all, Art Naturals essential oils and their other products are BPA-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly.
  • You can choose from more than 16 types of essential oils, which come in amber bottle packaging to preserve their benefits better.
  • In addition, their prices are accessible, and you can find sets of 8 essential oils from 15 euros onwards.

2. Mystic moments

  • The English brand Mystic moments also offers us essential oils with an excellent level of purity and at low prices (2 euros for the 10 ml bottle).
  • The sets they have already prepared with 10 essential oils are spectacular, both for you and forgiving to a friend.
  • They are one of the best oils for aromatherapy, which you can use yourself at home with diffusers that, by the way, they also have for sale in their store.

3. Lagunamoon

  • Lagunamoon is another of the best essential oil brands that you can probably easily find in health food stores and specialized stores at low prices.
  • The Lagunamoon controls 100% of its oils’ production process so that they are of the highest possible purity, including the bottles in which they are packed.
  • From this brand, you can buy the oils separately or sets like the travel one, which comes with a case so you can take them with you wherever you go.

4. Alqvimia

  • Alqvimia is a Spanish brand of 100% natural cosmetics, founded 30 years ago by perfumer Idili Lizcano, and with some of the best essential oils, you can find.
  • Its artisan production process and the ingredients collected worldwide make its products more expensive than others.
  • But the truth is that they are worth it. Also, its packaging is merely spectacular. Enough reasons to make it part of our selection of the best essential oil brands.

5. Essence of Arcadia

  • Another brand that comes to us from the UK is the Essence of Arcadia. Its wide variety of essential oils.
  • At affordable prices and made with the highest quality standards, they are an excellent option for you.
  • You can get one of their 16 oil kits, one of the most complete on the market, or make your kit including the oils you prefer.

6. Skymore

  • At very affordable prices and with totally pure certified products, Skymore is also part of our selection of the best essential oil brands.
  • Its slightly more modest packaging could confuse you, but the truth is that they are oils in their purest essence that you can buy in sets or separately.

7. Pranarom

  • Pranarom has been making essential oils for many years, and they have all kinds of certifications that demonstrate the quality of their products.
  • We consider it one of the best essential oil brands, not only because of its track record and high quality.
  • But also because of its wide catalog with varieties of essential oils that not all brands have and are not easy to find.
  • While their approach is a bit more scientific than holistic, these oils are also great for meditation, relaxation, and activities related to your spiritual and emotional life.

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