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Waytoodank Emote

Waytoodank Emote is to understand every Twitch moment, every cheat, every win, every ridiculous game, you have to understand emotes, those instant reactions in the right or left sidebar.

There are lakhs,  hundreds if not thousands of emotes can being sent through Twitch chat every second.

Also, for someone just venturing out to watch a stream, it can be a bit daunting.

All About Waytoodank Emote

Gestures have their ups and downs. Some, like Kappi, are used to help people communicate with each other during amazing streaming moments while chat moves at breakneck speeds.

Other people may use a harmless emoticon designed around a popular streamer for offensive or hurtful reasons.

Being part of the Twitch culture means tuning in to emotes as they emerge and evolve.

How To Play Waytoodank Emote

Waytoodank Emote

  • New emotes are constantly being introduced.
  • Extensions like BTTV make it easy for third parties to integrate emotes into Twitch, bypassing the platform’s own rules in the process.
  • Not to mention that the meaning of an Waytoodank Emote or emoticon in one community can be completely different in another.
  • It’s all very headache-inducing unless you’re on the deep end.
  • To bring you up to date, we’ve compiled a list of popular emotes below to add more as popularity increases and update explanations as emotes change meaning.
  • If a specific emote isn’t listed but is popular among the streamers you follow, the best way to do it is to ask in chat, on Twitter, or on the streamer’s Reddit page to find out what it means and how to use it. More details.
  • Polygon spoke to Don Caldwell, Editor-in-Chief of Know Your Meme, to explain why some of these gestures are incredibly popular.

Popular Waytoodank Emote


What it means is simply that according to Caldwell, Kappa is a starting point for anyone trying to get into and understand Twitch culture.

The emote is based on former Justin.TV employee Josh DeSeno was responsible for setting up the chat client. People primarily use spam kappa to provide a sarcastic reaction to something happening on the stream.

“It’s the essence of emotion,” Caldwell said. “He may be briefly taken over by Trihard or ForsenE or another popular emote, but he always stays on top.


It means an extremely popular but controversial emote, TriHard has a detailed history. Based on a face or facial expression made by streamer TriHex at an anime convention in Dallas, the emote didn’t officially become “TriHard” until 2014.

Also, when TriHex revved up Yoshi’s Island and noticed a Twitch staffer hanging around in the chat.

TriHex told Kotaku that he was trying very hard to get his attention and was essentially trying too hard. He then became TriHard.

The emote is mostly harmless, although it is for using with racist connotations by some Twitch users in recent years.

In mid-2016 and through 2017, users spammed the screen with TriHard whenever a black streamer appeared, often underscoring racist comments in chat.

TriHex finally talked about arming the emote. He argued that banning the emoticon meant bad actors won if the emoticon’s conception contained nothing obscene or offensive.


Waytoodank Emote

One of the oldest and famous emotes on Twitch, PogChamp, is based on Gootecks, a professional Street Fighter player.

Also, and is mainly using to express surprise in reaction to something happening on the stream.

PogChamp is base upon this 2000 video but was given the name PogChamp due to a Mad Catz fighting stick promo started in 2011 for a tournament Gootecks ​​competed in.

PogChamp remains one of the most popular emotes, and one reason is that it’s fairly safe.


Unlike TriHard, the cmon bruh emote has always been a bit controversial.

According to Know Your Meme it’s hard to determine when CmonBruh became a meme, but the first known mention dates back to 2016.

The emoticon is primarily to express confusion about something being said on stream, usually in response to a chat participant saying something with racist connotations.

However, the emoticon is also using to illustrate more general confusion; hence the “Come on,

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