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Arjun Suravaram (2019) HDRip Telugu Movie Download & Watch Free Online on Movierulz

Arjun Suravaram Movierulz

Arjun Suravaram (movierulz) (2019) is an Indian Telugu action thriller written and directed by T. Santhosh. It is a remake of his film in Tamil Kanithan.

Produced by Rajkumar Akella and presented by B. Madhu, the film shows Nikhil Siddharth and Lavanya Tripathi. However, Sam C. S. composed the music for the film, while Navin Nooli was responsible for the editing and Surya for the cinematography. Despite mixed reviews, the box office hit film grossed Rs 9 million on a budget of Rs 6 million. Also give review on majili movie download tamilrockers

arjun suravaram movierulz

About the Movie:

Directed by: T. Santhosh

Produced by: Rajkumar Akella

Written by: T. Santhosh

Based on: Kanithan (2016)

Starring Cast:

  • Nikhil Siddharth
  • Lavanya Tripathi
  • Music by: Sam C. S.
  • Cinematography: Surya

Edited by: Naveen Nooli

Production company: Movie Dynamix LLP

Release date: 29 November 2019

Running time: 149 minutes

Country: India

Language: Telugu

Budget: ₹10 crore

Box office: est. ₹16–21 crore

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More About Movie Arjun Suravaram (2019)

arjun suravaram movierulz

When he is wrongly convicting for swindling banks with fake certificates, an investigative journalist sets out to prove his innocence and take down the dangerous counterfeiting racket behind the crime. However, Directed by T.N. Santhosh, Arjun Suravaram stars Nikhil Siddharth and Lavanya Tripathi in central roles.

Arjun has a deep desire and dream: to become an investigative journalist for a renowned international television station. However, as his father feared, the young reporter is caught in a fake student loan and certificate fraud that he must now dig up to prove his innocence and help society clean up the system.

The evil. However, Kavya (Lavanya Tripathi) is the love interest of Arjun, an aspiring journalist and daughter of the owner (Kedar Shankara) of a television station Arjun works for. However, as they work together to unravel the mystery of the deception, however, they discover that there is a much more sinister web beneath the surface and that the forces of evil seriously threaten their lives. Will they survive to find out the truth?


A remake of a Tamil movie, ‘Arjun Suravaram’ begins on a slow note. A dull start with the introduction of the hero’s characterization, his love story with heroine Lavanya Tripathi and some comedy sequences put off the mood.

Luckily, the film turns interesting when the hero gets arrested for producing a fake certificate. However, he’s acquitted and he is determined to put effective use of his investigative skills to find the mastermind of this scam. Then the game begins, much like what we have seen in films like ‘Dhruva’.

The drama is effective at the beginning. How this racket works and its mechanism is shown in detail and it has made an engaging watch. However, the drama becomes repetitive post interval. The thrilling narration paves way for predictable cliches.

And also, the episode of the collapse of a school building and the Dubai episode generate interest but when we know the mission of the hero and who the villain is, the narration should be compelling.

However, the director has taken a safe route filled with formulaic scenes in the second half thereby all the previous engaging scenes have lost the appeal.


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